We Love Your Family and the Environment

When you care about your family and the planet, you can rest easy knowing that your cleaning service is passionate about it. Reality Source Cleaning does not just use Green products as a trend, we use them in our own homes and since we are experts in cleaning, we know that these products will be safe for your family, and the rest of the planet as well.

Not only do we use green products, but we keep our cleaning supplies at a minimum by practices such as reusing bottles to save the landfills. We use highly concentrated safe cleansing agents that further reduce packaging and shipping. The inexpensive, diluted products in the stores will not do the same great job for you. You will only have to use more of that product to get less cleaning value. Let us take care of that for you with our specialized line of cleaning products. This way you can relax in your nice clean home and know it is safe for your family and pets.

Our Green Cleaning Products

Labeling a bottle “Green” just because the bottle gets reused with harmful detergents is not Green, but that is what many companies do. Not Reality Source Cleaning. Our Green products are 100% green. In order to fully disinfect, agents such as bleach or peroxide do need to be used and we use these in a balanced, safe way unless you tell us otherwise. We go to great lengths to tell you about what we use and make sure that we are using only cleaning products for your home that you are going to be completely satisfied with.

Customized Green Cleaning for Cleveland, OH

Our flexible green cleaning services take your preferences into account. If you want 100% Green products, you’ve got it! If you prefer us to use a balance of disinfectants that are safe, you got that too! Simply put, we personalize every aspect of our cleaning process according to what you want in your own home. Let’s work together to make sure you  home stays healthy, clean and safe, exactly the way you want.

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